Detune Audio Productions currently offers the following services  

(all services by appointment only)


Studio Tracking Sessions:

Up to 48 tracks can be recorded at once with up to 48 individual artist controlled mixes.


Studio Mixing Sessions:

Mixing projects with full use of the studio’s hardware and software.


Studio Mastering Sessions:

Mastering for CD, TV/film or other formats. Fully equipped with software to maintain compliance to the ITU-R BS.1770 defined loudness standards.  Redbook And DDP Masters Available.

Live Audio Location Recording/Mixing:

Up to 24 tracks can be mobilized and sent out to record events that can’t be brought to the studio.  Live tracks can be brought here to mixed as well.


Forensic Audio Recovery and cleanup:

This is one of the few areas where project based pricing does not apply.  Day rates only.


Format Conversions:

Tape/Vinyl to CD/USB, high-end sample rate conversion with Apogee converters.


Live Band Rehearsals with full PA and stage:

For touring bands in town that need a place to practice to beginning bands that want to rehearse their show in a stress free mock live setting.


Equipment Evaluations:

See a particular microphone or preamp in our inventory that you have been dying to try out?  I am open to having individuals come in to hear and compare choices.


Commercial Audio System Design Consultations:

Partners with Pridham Electronics Inc. to design custom solutions for commercial audio video and control systems.


One-On-One Trainings:

Something in the audio video world not quite making sense?  No good tutorials?  If I am knowledgeable in something you are experiencing trouble with I can arrange training sessions to hopefully go through the topics in-depth one -on -on or with a small group of people.