I prefer project based rates overly hourly rates for a number of reasons, but mostly due to the fact that hourly rates can impose unnecessary stress on artists that can be heard on recordings.

I strongly believe that great recordings and takes come from being relaxed in an inspiring setting.  One that lets you be creative and experiment with new ideas and techniques instead of rigidly following an hourly session.

When pricing out a project I take a few things into consideration, mainly;

  1. How many songs will be recorded (ie. just a single, a four song EP or a double length studio album)
  2. Final production quality desired (ie. will this be just a demo, or a fully fledged production, possibly even doing pre-production recordings)
  3. Number of artists recording (ie. a three piece band, a nine piece band, or possibly an orchestra)
  4. Deadline time (ie. does it need to be done in two weeks or two years.  this will be a major factor in determining costs.
  5. Special production considerations (ie. needs several mixes for various formats, separate instrumental mixes for TV/film, recorded here but mixed elsewhere, etc.)

Once this information is known there is a formal meeting to discuss all the points and to determine the budget for the project as well as the approximate deadline.  A back and forth discussion takes place regarding price and if we can come to an agreement on the pricing then we put it down on paper and commit to it.  If any project experiences deadline delays, a determining factor is assessed and possible renegotiation may be need depending on the determining factor of the delay(s).  Projects are then worked on until the production goals are achieved (hopefully within deadline).

Mastering is not included in the final production pricing.  You are free to take your mastering (and mixing if desired) phase to any mastering engineer you prefer.  You can also choose to have it mastered in house for an additional fee.  I will provide reduced mastering rates to projects that are kept in house and can possibly even provide an alternate engineer to assist if desired.

I consider all projects to be unique and as such all pricing will be unique to each project.  My goal is to provide fair and reasonable rates to local artists to help them realize a project from initial conception to final product.  Everyone will be treated the same regardless of musical style, it is all the production requirements that determine rates.


If anyone has a project that wants or needs to work outside of the project rate based system then the only rate I offer is $500 per a 12 hour day, with a minimum of one day.