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Detune Audio Productions is currently a one man operation run by Dustin Boyle.  Over the last 20 years Dustin has been acquiring audio equipment and building his knowledge of live audio,recording, and permanently installed systems; this has culminated into a world class recording facility that can handle even the most demanding recording sessions as well as post production for film and TV work.

In addition to live sound and studio production experience, Dustin has been employed full-time as a commercial AV systems designer and commissioner for Pridham Electronics here in Madison, WI.  Dustin has attended numerous manufacturer training sessions and industry led certification classes.  He currently holds the CTS-D certification from Infocomm International which is the highest ANSI/ISO recognized certification in the audio/visual field today.  Dustin has also completed the National Systems Contractor Association’s (NSCA) 3 year college of AV systems design and hold certifications from QSC, BSS, DBX, Extron, Bose, Listen Technologies, among many other manufacturers.

If you require assistance in the fields of audio, video, networking and automation control, from basic setups to highly advanced permanently installed solutions, Dustin is a valuable resource to call upon and will handle your inquiries with the utmost of professionalism.